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Purple for Brown Hair is formulated specifically for darker strands, it has double the amount of warm pigments as Extreme Purple – if Extreme Purple is too cool toned to show well on your grey hair, then Purple for Brown should help! I saw an ad on Instagram for Overtone and have been loving it. I am 28 now and for the last four years I got sick and tired of dying my hair just to cover up a few grey strands. Definitely lots of fun and less messy than chalks for some temporary color fun! Gray Roots Kelis looks uber cool with dreads in a trio of colors: gray, brown, and purple. I’m 38 and have lots of grey only in the front. I still have some of the darker gray, some of the silver white and some blond. Hey Lynne! I’m absolutely in love with this product and already telling everyone i know all about it . For more info, definitely get with our Color Consultants at hi@overtone.co! BTW my brown hair also takes on the colour well, certainly not as vividly as the grey – but in sunshine it gives off a very stunning reflect, depending on the colours I use. So i decided to give overtone a try. I used the extreme silver conditioner on my short, pixie-ish, med/dark ash brown hair last summer to transition into my natural gray, and it was perfect. Was reading your blog looking for advice on how to cover white hair. Color Wow Root Cover Up covers gray roots quickly, with no mess, and it's sweatproof, water-resistant, and lasts until it's shampooed out. You’re an angel for that though so thank you!! oz. Thank you guys for making my life easier XOXO. My hair came back 30% silver/grey and rest is med brown. Brown Transition to Gray Hair. I have Grey hair, actually, almost white since I was 18. LOVE this stuff! Now try these products your hair will thank you for: © 2020 Condé Nast. Thanks! Figured it was worth a shot with all the great comments on the site and blog. If you’re looking for proof that oVertone will work on YOUR hair, keep scrolling to see how amazing these shades look on oVertone community members with almost every type and KEEP READING . For the best advice on getting the pastel pink shade of your dreams, send a pic of your current hair color (in natural light, no filters please!) I am very curious about how your new brown line will work in my hair if I want to be brunette again for a few days. I (finally!) Some of the gray did pickup color, so it’s much MUCH better (especially when it’s not so close up lol). Best always, I know it sounds nuts but…..to brighten up a grey or to add white highlights to dark hair without the “till death/cut do we part” would be awesome! I don’t know what the difference is. I’m 48 but went prematurely grey, silver really which stands out dramatically on root growth with other 20% black hair. (And, yes, there's even a few kid-safe options!) Not just for bun bun but for all you do. Long story short: stylist “toned” my entire head with a demipermanent silver which immediately turned my hair flat dark grey, dull, and fuzzy. The sulfate-free product comes in seven colors and can cover up to one inch of gray hair. Results on natural gray and white hair can be tough to predict, since the strand structure of those hair types can vary a lot! I’m not speaking from personal experience, but as a woman in her 30s, I would be lying if I said it wasn't something I think about often. I rarely use hairdryers or styling tools. Get a single-process color service at the salon.This seems like the most obvious answer, but it’s one that hair colorist Nicole Tresch of the Rita Hazan Salon highly recommends, so long as you stay on top of the regrowth. My non-white hair is brown so it’s a win-win . My old color is a reddish brown. The natural color is stunning and great with my complexion. More pigment means more color! Glamcor Riki Skinny $195. My natural hair was medium brown/gold/red. Soooo I was reeeaalllyyy hoping this would cover my blonde roots so I could get a tiny bit of the silver I've always wanted and also cover up the nastiness lol. Purple shampoos left too long turns my longer ends purple so I stopped applying it there (as well as bleach). My hair is very dark brown, almost black. I actually left the products in my hair for a few hours cause why not. It’s subtle indoors (which is good considering my job) and really pops in the sunlight. I am considering the pastel purple for toning my silver hairs, but my thought is if anyone has experienced their silver hair not retaining the pigments as well (i.e. $9.99 SHOP NOW. L'oreal's Magic Root Cover Up ($11) makes it super simple to cover gray roots as it comes in a spray. I’m pretty much 100% white other than a couple blobs of yellow! If you try a strand test on unbleached, natural gray hair and don’t see the color taking, you may want to consider bleaching or processing the gray sections of your hair and using oVertone Color Conditioners for upkeep. I use extreme purple in the tub. For even brighter color results, apply oVertone conditioners to clean, dry hair. Two weeks ago, I visited my stylist for a little trim, and to place a few strips of pastel on my head with semipermanent. It turned my grey roots a strange gold color which took several weeks to wash out. Any recommendations or should I just cancel my subscription? Next time I’ll use it on dry hair and amp it up a bit, hey heh. Post your pics and tag #oVertoneColor so we can check them out and share them with the world! Sorry….tech sloooowwwww LOL! Available in … Hi Alee! HybDonna, Thanks for that cool share! Others have gray hairs that are more stubborn and don’t like to take color unless you process with traditional dye, which contains cuticle-opening chemicals that you won’t find in oVertone products. Hair fell AWESOME and I have to say, it’s a MUST to get the color conditioner of chosen color. We love that you love your oVertone! We’re dying to see your results! Thank you for your patience—I’m super bummed to hear about your experience with your stylist! I’ve decided to embrace the gray and see what would happen. I stopped coloring my hair brown and let the gray/silver/white color grow out. I love the Brilliant Silver on my gray hair! Since silver is a delicate balance of colors, if the balance is thrown off at all it will give you unexpected results. I guess this question is for anyone that has tried pastel vs vibrant–I am salt ‘n’ pepper, dark brown with silvery gray hair. Okay, but what type of upkeep are we talking about? I’m just looking to make the greys pop, will this work? Thank you for your patience. One of our clients had the following advice in the Offbeat Home comment section: “I tried vibrant and extreme purple, teal, and blue samples on my virgin 30-50% grey hair (very healthy, actually white, not grey, nor is it wiry) after the first offer and got some nice results. Although she constantly puts its in her hair. I’ve been using this product for at least 3 years. But how DOES oVertone work with naturally gray hair? And this is just a way to add shine to your hair, not to change your hair color or cover … Can I try for longer? I’m not sure how this would be with your reddish-brown hair, but mine was pretty brassy from red/brown semi-permanent coloring, and Overtone took the color well to take out the brass. Results on gray and white hair can vary a lot from person to person since the strand structure of those hair types can vary a lot and while some clients have hair that takes color really well, others find their grays can be somewhat resistant to absorbing pigment from – it’s just a matter of your hair’s texture. August 11, 2020. Please advise. My husband calls them my “Maleficent hairs” and I just like that it looks like I had color highlights. Due to the pigments that create Silver, your starting color needs to be either neutral- toned, or fully platinum blonde. Writer Marci Robin tries the new Overtone Purple for Brown Hair color-depositing deep condition to see if it really does show up on brunettes. Allow conditioner to sit for 3-15 minutes and follow the same rinsing instructions as in #1. About 70% to 30% light mousy brown, and am thinking about trying overtone. Hey Diane! While it doesn’t take on my white hair, it does on my naturally light brown and I come away with a cool smoky bluish purplish look with no processing. Dark hair with that salt pops with color! 61 Comments. If this formula is very strong, then maybe my dark hair can pull it off especially if I leave it in longer. My hair is about 80 % white and I’ve decided to stop coloring. Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color. Of course I say that with some hypocrisy as it took 4 months of SLOWLY stripping and lightening with the lowest levels of peroxide and bleach as well as my beloved Olaplex so I didn’t go bald as I just do NOT have a nice noggin shape for that wicked look! Every Saturday, I wash my hair and dry it and then just put the deep conditioner on for 2 hours. Would love to be silver/grey naturally but I have some time before that happens. Can You Cover Up Gray Hair With Potato Skins? However, if your greys just don’t like to accept pigment, Purple for Brown might not help. For the best advice, send an email with a picture of your current hair with lots of natural light and no filters along with an inspo pic over to our Color Consultants through overtone.co/pages/contact and they will totally help you out! My grey is a delightful pastel fuchsia-ish tone, and the brown shows a nice glimmer of the color. First, I love the conditioning aspect and, second, it makes my “non-brown hairs” look so fun. Not only did it kinda dry my hair out the grey was still the same color and my scalp is now pink! oVertone has a TON of photos of their results on their website and Instagram. While plenty of women choose to embrace silver strands, there are many others (including myself) who want to keep them at bay for as long as possible. Ah, but…there’s grey, silver and white hair! Punky Colour ulta.com. For more in depth info and advice, get with our Color Consultants at hi@overtone.co! I don't have gray hairs, but I don't think it would cover them, since my roots are back to dark chestnut after a wash. Long story short, it appears to me that the color of your hair before you use overtone seems to be key. If your gray/white hair takes with Overtone, (I know not all gray hair does) should you apply a vibrant color like red at the roots, or will it become too bright? This involves getting your roots lightened, which, in turn, makes gray hairs less noticeable. Created with Sketch. “Colorists can go heavier in those areas [where there’s only a few grays] to really make them look like highlights,” says Tresch. I got root touch up system today that Isabel is talking about. The end result is that it looks as if I put colored highlights in my hair- making me look younger! Your products are great. Overtone taught me that instead of getting embarrassed by my grey strands I can now celebrate them! Saw no color deposition on my non-white hair (which is dark ash blonde). Thanks to the ladies who came up with this brilliant product! There’s a “wax/pomade” out there that does a silver and a white but it’s super thick paste and while it works great on short hair, on long, it’s just weight and stiff, like a pomade wax would be expected to perform. After the product my hair is silky and very vibrant. I have used both the Vibrant Purple and Extreme Blue deep conditioners (alas, the daily conditioners don’t seem to “take”) and they work very well, and color true to the label (no pastel here). Dave M. Benett Getty Images. IT IS AMAZING! With that said, I am going to go with a lighter version of purple next time around.

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